Thursday, November 4

Making Things Happen 2010

Photogen {p.s: my name is on one of those books!}

On Saturday, I will be boarding a plane to take me to a city that is going to change my life and heart forever. Quite a dramatic statement, no? I will be attending an 8 hour, no-holds barred intensive on Sunday in Phoenix designed to extinguish fear and ignite the passion to enable myself to Make Things Happen. In life, love, business. When I first heard of MTH2010 and Lara Casey, I was so in awe of the progress that the attendees were making in their lives. These people were fired up! At the moment, I was like a Girl Scout trying to start a fire with damp wood. No fire here. It was just after the first leg of the tour and I heard a tee-tiny little voice within myself saying, "You need this". Not want, but need. It was time for a blow torch and some lighter fluid.

When I was younger, we had a high dive at the country club I attended. I would love to climb the tall ladder as fast as I could, walk out to the end of the board, take in the quiet at such a height and dive, not jump, but dive into the deep end. The feeling of flight and the rush of cool water was addictive and I would hop out of the pool, head for the high dive and climb again. I long for the fearlessness of my childhood as I have spent the last year of my life slowly climbing that ladder. I'm now at the end of the board and it's time to dive!

One might ask, "Why get so personal on your company blog? Your clients may read this!". Well, for me, business is personal. As a small business owner, my business is my life. As my nearest and dearest can attest, all of the joys and frustrations of owning a business are brought into my personal life and vice versa. In my opinion, if your business isn't personal, if you can take it or leave it, well, you may be in the wrong business. I hope potential clients do run across this series on the blog. Then they will know that I am actively making myself and my business better to better serve them. What more could they ask?

I honestly do not know what to expect from my time in Phoenix {I just hope I don't "ugly cry" in front of, what are for now, strangers}. I am at once anxious and thrilled at the thought of what I will discover when I am there. For the past two years, P has been asking, "What do you want to do?". At this moment, I'm not exactly sure, but I pray to have a clearer picture when I board the plane to head back to Atlanta. Monday is P's birthday and I know without a doubt that the answer to his question would be the best present I could give. But for now, my answer is simple: Make Things Happen.


  1. Travel safely and keep your mind open...Good Luck!

  2. so proud of you for taking this step! good luck and safe travels!!! can't wait to hear about it when you're back. :)

  3. Oh my goodness, so happy for you (and a little jealous!) Have a fabulous time, keep an open mind and get ready for a life changer (from what I hear)...can't wait to hear about it when you return! Safe travels!

  4. So proud of you! Can't wait to hear all about it. It's time to take that dive!!