Thursday, November 11

Fire in the Desert: MTH2010

Action. I have been still for far too long. Words may be spoken, promises can be made, but action garners results. On Sunday, I sat in a room with 12 other women and went all in. I laid my cards on the table and was rewarded with a sense of wellness and self-fulfillment and empowerment. Finally! I know who I am. I have let go of the past and faced my future. I have decided to be present. This is such a precious gift to myself, to my husband and to my family. My life has been changed and I am so blessed to live it each day, with authenticity, with grace and with action.

I continue to thank God and pray for the women I met in Phoenix. These are my sisters, supporters and  comrades on this journey and I am so honored to know them and to share this bond. We owned them all: our fears, our mistakes, our hopes and our wildest dreams. It was honest and real and exhilarating. Ten hours. Ten short hours and I know these women. Their successes will be my successes and their failures will be mine as well. I would not have it any other way.

And to Lara, Gina and Emily, you are on fire! Y'all are doing phenomenal work in our lives and I pray that this passion and leadership that you exude continues long after MTH2010 has come to an end. You are making a difference. I am so blessed to know you all and I look forward to what the future holds. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 


  1. BAH I LOVE YOU! (And PS - you were 100% meant for styling. That photo? Gorg.)

  2. Most Excellent!!!Where do I sign up? Love the pictures Carlee. Very sentimental for me.

  3. Late, but not forgotten! What a great post and it was an honor to meet you Carlee! I can't wait to see what you do in 2011. YOU are on fire, girl - keep at it!

    Best to you!
    Heather Gardner
    La Dolce Vita Weddings