Friday, July 1

The Well Styled Weekend: No. 003

Happy 4th of July Weekend, Y'all! I am so ready for a quick trip to the beach to visit some friends and celebrate our freedom. As the granddaughter of two veterans [World War II and Korea], I have a true appreciation for the hard work and sacrifice our servicemen and women and their families make to keep this country safe, free and the most fabulous in the world. Wave your flags, light some sparklers and wear your red, white & blue to celebrate. No.1: I love these chevron earrings reminiscent of a Sargent's stripes [Urban Outfitters]. No.2: Get your nautical on with some bright white Topsiders. The neutral trim adds the perfect touch [Sperry]. No.3: This sequined covered bag is phenomenal. Love the old-school jungle camo! [JCrew]. No.4: Red, white and blue all in this cute little Americana dress [Anthropologie] is great for a day at the lake. No.5: The 4th is the most appropriate time to sport Navy nails. Midnight Cami is the perfect shade with a hint of sparkle [Essie]. No.6: Firmly in camp "Clubmaster", these red rimmed glasses are super festive and look great from sun-up to the grand finale fireworks [Ray Ban]. Have a safe and celebratory 4th; see y'all next week!