Saturday, July 31

Sneak Peek!

We've been working an advertisement for Seawell's to be featured in the South Carolina Football program. We love our Gamecocks, so we've had a blast working on our tailgate themed shoot centered around the delicious food from Seawell's. More photos to come, including the finished ad copy!

Friday, July 30


I don't know why, but I am obsessed with penmanship. Harken back to the days of elementary school when we would pull our largely lined notebook paper and dutifully practice our handwriting and cursive, trying to make it as neat and straight as the teacher's. Then later, doodling our names mixed with the last names of boys we "liked" trying to get that "Mrs. So and So" signature just right until we were actually married and had a new last name and signature to perfect. Placing that much importance on penmanship, it would be natural for us to just adore the handwritten element that these calligraphers and stationers bring to the paper. It's a goal of ours this year to master a distinctive handwriting. School is almost in session so it's time once more to break out the notebook and pen.

credits {clockwise}: the amazing and distinctive handwriting of kathryn murray, cute sketches and scratch from may+bell, love the artistic elements and penmanship, both from rifle paper co.

Wednesday, July 28

Mixed Berry & Mint

Right now we are quite enamored with bright, luscious berry colors; specifically, rasberry and blackberry. Paired with 1950's mint green and you have a winning color scheme for late summer. Not to mention, the colors look great as a signature cocktail! Mixed Berry Mojitos, anyone?

Beat the heat with this fun recipe!
Mixed Berry Mojito {makes one pitcher}
1/2 pint each, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries
1/4 c sugar
2 handfuls of fresh mint leaves*
1/4 c fresh squeezed lime juice*
2 1/2 c light rum
sparkling water
*plus additional for garnish

Muddle the berries, mint and sugar together until the berries are thoroughly crushed and juices begin to run. Add lime juice and rum and stir to combine. Top off with sparkling water {adjust to desired alcohol strength} and serve immediately over ice. You may also make the mixture ahead of time, refrigerate and top with water right before serving.

Monday, July 26

Cotton Picked

Unique fingerprint papercuts from Lori Danelle. The perfect paper gift for a first anniversary!

Tiny balloons put me in the best mood! Invitation via Oh Happy Day.

Pretty coral bouquets from Boukates.

Sunday, July 25

Sweet Snapshot Sunday

Beth & Josh Super 8 from A Bryan Photo on Vimeo.

So, technically this is not a snapshot, however, we can't get enough of the Super 8 videos from A Bryan Photo and Beth and Josh's New Orleans nuptials!

Saturday, July 24

Road Trip

Dear Atlanta,
Due to the excessive heat and smog alerts, I am leaving you and moving into these fantastically delicious for my senses magazine ads from Kate Spade. You may keep your 110 degree heat index while I loll away in the crisp, bright environment that only Kate can provide. I'm sure I'll be back, but for now I hope you understand. Regards, Carlee

In other news, P and I are taking a little road trip to South Carolina today for Meredith and David's wedding. I just can not wait to see the beautiful bride and handsome groom! We have our party pants on and are looking forward to dancing the night away!

Friday, July 23

Cotton Picked

Today's Cotton Picked spotlights delightful wedding dresses under $1,000. I just adore a bargin, don't you? So I selected five dresses that would be perfect for that bride with a budget {or not. They're all gorgeous, regardless of price point}. I'm in quite the bohemian mood, so if these gowns all seem a little boho, pretty please don't hold it against me!

credits clockwise: jenny yoo, jcrew, nicole miller, thread, saja

Have a fancy find or spotlight request? Let us know at or leave a comment below.

Thursday, July 22

Sneak Peek!

Here's a sneak peek from our shoot on Monday. The weather was beautiful, the bride was gorgeous and the peaches were divine! Stay tuned for more loveliness from HC and leslie&b!

Monday, July 19

Just Peachy

Today, HC is headed to Gaffney, South Carolina {the home of the "Big Peach"} for our photoshoot with leslie&b! I wanted to share the inspiration for the shoot and obviously can't wait to show you photos later from the farm. It's going to be just lovely! Personally, I can't wait to enjoy my first delicious South Carolina peach of the season!

Saturday, July 17

Cotton Wedding

photos via duck duck collective

I found this wedding via 100 Layer Cake and had to share! Obviously, I adore the bride's bouquet of cotton. And the handsome groom? Why, his name is Weston Cotton! How adorable is that?

Friday, July 16

Party in the Park

Happy Friday! We have a ton to do this weekend. First, we're styling the Seawell's Catering booth at the WNOK Bridal Show in Columbia, SC on Sunday and then we're headed to Sunny Slope Farm to style a shoot with the fabulous girls of leslie&b {with a super sweet guest appearance from Chocolate Butterbean}! Here are some more photos from our lovely little wine & cheese in the park. Enjoy!

Thursday, July 15

Sneak Peek

Here's a sneak peek at a lovely little wine & cheese party in the park {styled by yours truly}. Full post to come...

Wednesday, July 14

Cotton Picked

via sara gabriel

There is something so irresistable to me about layers and layers of tulle. All of that netted froth swirling around to create the perfect pouf. These stunners from Sara Gabriel are quite the head turners. I am particulary in love with the Marilyn and think it would be a delight to wear down the aisle or just for the reception. It is our firm belief that a bride must wear some variation of a veil throughout her special day. After all, darling, you are the bride! Why not make it dramatic?

Clockwise: Joan, Charisse, Marilyn, Ginger; Sara Gabriel can be found at Kelly's Closet in Atlanta and Bella Vista Bridal in Columbia.

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Tuesday, July 13

leslie&b photography

all via leslie&b

leslie&b are friends and a super fun photography duo based in greenville, sc. leslie refers to a girl named, well, leslie and b refers to a girl named brantley. these southern girls decided to join forces and thus, leslie&b was born. i am so excited to be working with this talented twosome on an upcoming shoot and wanted to introduce them and fantastic work to y'all. i just adore their use of color in their photography and can't wait to see how that translates to our peachy setting. stay tuned to see our delightful collaboration!

Monday, July 12

Scenes from Our Wedding

photos via brooke turner photography

Today marks the 2nd anniversary of becoming a "Mrs". Parker and I were married on July 12, 2008 in Columbia, South Carolina and it was a beautifully sunny, not-too-hot, perfectly breezy {weather every bride dreams of} kind of day. It all went by so fast, but I do remember just wanting to get down that aisle and marry my best friend. The ceremony went off without a hitch, the reception was amazing and before we knew it, we were heading out the door to our "New Year's" send-off and on our way to our honeymoon in British Columbia. It was a perfect way to continue what had been a whirlwind romance and engagement. These past two years have marked a lot of milestones for us: we bought a house, we adopted a kitty whom is now the queen of said house, had multiple job changes and started a business, just to name a few. Through it all, from our meet-cute on New Year's until this ordinary Monday, it has definitely been a lovely journey. We can't wait to see what the future brings!

Sunday, July 11

Sweet Snapshot Sunday

mark shaw, circa 1959

Always an inspiration and just the picture of summer: jbko with a young Caroline.

Friday, July 9

The Moustache Maketh the Man

It's Friday and we're feeling a little silly, so today our post is all about moustaches. This trend has been around for a little while now, but let's face it: it's hard to resist the 'stache! Add the handlebar element to your photobooth, stationery or even your toasting glasses. Trust us, by the end of the evening everyone will want a part of the moust-action! Have a great weekend!

photo credits {clockwise}: bubbly shnooks, jessica johnston photography, jackglass, avril loreti, kieble soul, whiskerworks

Thursday, July 8

Amelia & Ed Lee

On July 7th, my maternal grandparents, Amelia and Ed Lee Irby celebrated their 59th wedding anniversary. Intrigued by a colleague's warning to date anyone at the office, "except Ed Irby", Amy accepted Ed's persistent requests for a date and the Massachusetts country girl was successfully swept off her feet by the slick city boy in Washington, D.C . They married soon after with a backyard reception, the bride wearing a tea length, powder blue confection and a honeymoon drive cross country to their new home in Texas. When I imagined them marrying today, my inspiration was a Cape Cod destination wedding complete with a clambake reception and blueberry wedding pie. The powder blue was re-imagined as azure and coral with some handmade touches. 59 years is such an inspiration to my still new marriage. Happy Anniversary, Grandma and Grandpa!

photo credits {clockwise}: mille holloman, watson-studios, buzz media, ken kienow, la boheme, blueberry pie, the dainty woods

Monday, July 5

Cotton Picked

via anthropologie

I've started a new feature on the site {Cotton Picked} to focus on a delightful find of the week. It will feature fashion, design, food or a combination and I pink swear it will always be fabulous. First up, Anthropologie for my birthday girl ensemble super wishlist.

unaligned bands dress, beaded swag bib necklace, chrysanthemum heels, gleeful speed clutch

Have a fancy find or spotlight request? Let us know at or leave a comment below.

Saturday, July 3

America the Beautiful

Happy 4th of July from High Cotton! Have a safe and celebratory holiday and enjoy our little slice of Americana!

Thursday, July 1


I have been working with Seawell's on an advertising campaign for a few different publications, including the upcoming issue Carolina Bride magazine. I wanted to get back to the basics and focus on what I feel like is most important when selecting a caterer; their fresh, simply delicious food. This shoot was styled with a few of their yummy offerings {I adore the sweet little barbeque sandwiches!} and the best part? After we got our shot, P and I sat down for a delightful summer picnic.

A few close-up shots...We'll be blogging more with the progress of their new, improved and fabulous website!