Thursday, July 19


Happy, happy birthday to me! After dreading excitedly awaiting this day, it's finally here: I am 30! I don't feel any older, however, I do feel a bit more put together and productive. Not sure if its age or the fact that I'm now juggling a newborn, but I'm willing to go with it either way. An official "Mommy on-the-go", I need to be able to get around sans 4 inch heels. I love the slight wedge on these sandals and the fact that the metallic pieces mimic the piping on this smoking hot Coral dress; perfect for showing off my curves. Including additional bright pieces makes this look birthday worthy: the neon bag and candy-like earrings are so fun, yet a grown up take on the current trend. Add my favorite orange/red lipstick to top it off and I'm ready for the best that's yet to come. Eventually, I'll have a proper night out to celebrate, but for now I'm content to live vicariously through my ideal birthday suit of bright pops of color and a cupcake with sprinkles.

No. 1 Piped Bodice Colorblock Dress, Tinley Road; No. 2 Royal Small Clip Earrings, Kate Spade; No. 3 Vanilla Birthday Cupcake; No. 4 So Chaud, MAC Cosmetics; No. 5 Kelsey Leather Mini Bag, Milly; No. 6 Bryne Sandal, BCBG Max Azria

Friday, June 15


Don't forget your daddy for Father's Day this weekend! My dad kind of has a split personality. On the surface he's very much a Southern gentleman. Always perfectly pressed in khakis and loafers [as a matter of fact, he purchases a pair of loafers identical to these every.single.year]. Underneath all of that prep, though, is a man that rocks! He has an iPod full of rock-and-roll and loves to crank it up full blast. Lynard Skynard, the Allman Brothers and the Rolling Stones are some of his favorites. True story: he bought me Keith Richards' book for Christmas. Once opened, he promptly stole it and read it cover to cover. I think we all know what he wants to be when he grows up! So to play to his dueling halves, a gift guide for dear ol' dad.

No.1: Keith Richards, Life; No.2: Wintercheck Factory, Nesting Steel Shotglasses; No.3: Prichard's, Lincoln County Lightning; No.4: The Art of Shaving, Horn Fine Badger Brush; No. 5: Sebago, Spinnaker; No.6: Forage Bow Ties, Picnic

Wednesday, June 6


Gold is my friend! Rare is the day that I step out of the house without gilding myself to some extent. My favorite accessories are either chunky, stackable or layered gold pieces not to mention my gold mirrored aviators to keep all of that shine out of my eyes. I fiercely believe that you should have something sparkly on your person at all times, so here I am to help you stay golden!  

I can't deal with the awesomeness that is this collar from Alexis Bittar and the mother-of-pearl buttons put it over the top! Full disclosure: though it has been shown in print as recently as this month, I can't find it on the designer's site so I'm not quite sure if it's still available. However, it stays on my wish list, so on the inspiration board it goes.

The easiest way to incorporate some gold into your wardrobe would be make-up. I've done gold nails [fabulous!], but must try the gold eye-liner trend; It will look so perfect with slightly sun-kissed skin this summer. If you'd rather baby step your way into bling, why not add some sparkle to your smart phone? I love this graphic diagonal striped iPhone case from Kate Spade.

Last, but not least, my absolute favorite piece on this board is the champagne and 24 karat gold leaf lollipop. Seriously. What could possibly be more posh than that? These lollis would be amazing as a party favor. How about you? What's your favorite way to wear gold?

Friday, June 1


I am so, so excited to have a date night with Parker this weekend. He's been traveling for work all week, so I"m ready for some one-on-one time and a delicious, sparkling mocktail. We consider ourselves to be food-centric folks and our dates usually consist of a dinner out. In Atlanta, we had a running list of beloved restaurants and must-trys, but since we've moved to Minnesota, we've had a really hard time finding our dining niche. That changes now! I finally have a list to work off of and for the next six weeks, or until Baby Boy decides to arrive, we're going to visit one or two [some are lunch spots] a week. But enough of that. Let's get dressed, shall we?

Even though it's June 1, it's still a little chilly in the evenings and light jackets are an essential here in Minnesota. To say that I am obsessed with this Ikat print in a drapey silk would be a vast understatement. Super luxurious and bright enough to put me in a summery mood, it's truly a must have. The maternity stores haven't jumped on the colored denim bandwagon, so that's one trend I've really missed this season. If I didn't have a beach ball belly, I would totally take advantage of these muted coral jeans from J.Crew. As for accessories, check out this statement necklace. Layered pewter and gold feathered bib? Yes, please! Add a comfy shoe and cute clutch to pull in the muted mustard from the jacket and top off with a light gloss for your smoochable lips. Lady, you're ready for a hot night out on the town.

No. 1; No. 2; No. 3; No. 4; No. 5; No. 6

Thursday, May 31


Espadrilles are my absolute favorite. They go with everything from shorts to maxi dresses and I love this season's colorful patterns and fabrics. Even better? These metallic mini wedges from Me Too.! Also on my must-buy list are these Soludos for J.Crew. A steal at USD 34.50, I just can't decide between the lemon zest or bright spearmint.

Dress them up or dress them down, just make sure you indulge in this Summer staple. How about you; are you having a Summer love affair with the espadrille?

No. 1; No. 2; No. 3; No. 4; No. 5; No. 6