Wednesday, June 6


Gold is my friend! Rare is the day that I step out of the house without gilding myself to some extent. My favorite accessories are either chunky, stackable or layered gold pieces not to mention my gold mirrored aviators to keep all of that shine out of my eyes. I fiercely believe that you should have something sparkly on your person at all times, so here I am to help you stay golden!  

I can't deal with the awesomeness that is this collar from Alexis Bittar and the mother-of-pearl buttons put it over the top! Full disclosure: though it has been shown in print as recently as this month, I can't find it on the designer's site so I'm not quite sure if it's still available. However, it stays on my wish list, so on the inspiration board it goes.

The easiest way to incorporate some gold into your wardrobe would be make-up. I've done gold nails [fabulous!], but must try the gold eye-liner trend; It will look so perfect with slightly sun-kissed skin this summer. If you'd rather baby step your way into bling, why not add some sparkle to your smart phone? I love this graphic diagonal striped iPhone case from Kate Spade.

Last, but not least, my absolute favorite piece on this board is the champagne and 24 karat gold leaf lollipop. Seriously. What could possibly be more posh than that? These lollis would be amazing as a party favor. How about you? What's your favorite way to wear gold?

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