Saturday, May 5


It's Derby Day and y'all know what that means: horses and hats and bourbon, oh my! Now don't go clutching your pearls because my julep isn't shown in a silver cup. It's perfectly acceptable to serve it in an old fashioned glass, as well. Hopefully, this super easy recipe will get you in a "horsey" mood. If not, well, bless your heart and head back north. Cheers to a great race day!

Mint Julep [serves one]
1/2 oz. superfine sugar
1 oz. hot water
6 mint leaves, plus one mint sprig [or more to taste]
2 oz. bourbon

Dissolve the sugar in the hot water to make a simple syrup. Once room temperature, add syrup and the mint leaves to an old fashioned glass or julep cup. Lightly press the leaves with a spoon to release their oil. Add the bourbon, fill the glass with cracked ice and stir. Garnish with the mint sprig and a jaunty short straw and serve.

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