Monday, January 10

The Office

I haven't worked in an office in almost two years. I wake up, roll out of bed and go to "work" at my desk in a tiny nook in my home. Oh, how I long for a workspace! A bright, shiny space all my own where I can relax, be inspired and create. Naturally, I have come to the conclusion that I want to put an Airstream trailer in my backyard. Parker thinks I'm a crazy person. I have had this desire for quite some time, however, the picture above from Anthropologie has just added fuel to my fire {the fact that it's pulled by a Country Squire "Woody" makes it even more exciting}. It literally is bright and shiny! It would have wooden floors and a small, fluffy rug. A long cork wall for all of my visual inspiration. Bright white inside with small pops of color. It makes me breathe easier just visualizing it all. One day, the Airstream will be mine. In the meantime,  my backyard and I, we patiently wait.

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  1. Haha, I love it!! I love that you're dreaming about your inspiration or where your inspiration will take's a good thing to have/do. My mom must've done that as well because as soon as we were all out of their house (for college) one of the bedrooms became, no no, not a guest room...her stamping and hobby room...for making cards, making books, you name it. It's what keeps her sane and gives her purpose in retirement...I think we'll all need that one day, so whether it's in a room in your mansion or an Airstream in your backyard...don't stop dreaming!