Tuesday, January 25

Look the Part {Anchor Splash}

I am thoroughly bored with cold weather. Aren't you? Personally, I cannot wait for the first {mildly} warm winds of Spring. I long to be like Jack and Jackie. Hop on a sailboat, feel the whipping wind in my hair and taste the salted sea spray. While I am quite a drive from the sea, I can at least look the part, no? Jackie was famous for her collection of Jack Rogers and I adore this neutral slim jute ballet flat; brand new for the Spring. And doesn't this jacket look like something she would wear to Regatta? I loved it so much, it's hanging in my closet! There are at least a couple more months of drab weather, but the promise of a nautical Spring awaits. The cheery colors of the coming season should be enough to brighten the rest of your chilly Winter days.

{No. 1} Corey Lynn Calter, It's In The Details Jacket @ Anthropologie {No.2} Giles & Brother Gold Plated Anchor Necklace @  {No.3} Canby Zebrawood Sunglasses @ Shwood {No.4} Cashmere Vest in Tangerine @ Top Shop {No. 5} Marui One mustard yellow skirt {No. 6} Jack Rogers

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