Tuesday, February 15


Whenever my husband and I go visit his grandmother in Quitman, Georgia, we always pass by this beautiful abandoned old home. Grandma Blair tells us that the patriarch of the family built a clause into his will that stated they would receive their trust and inheritance, only if they kept the house. It could not be sold, rented or otherwise disturbed. He obviously did not will it so that the house had to be occupied by a member of the family, because they are just letting it sit there and crumble. Every time we drive by, it just makes me so sad. What a lovely home in utter decay! I decided to pull over this weekend and photograph it and am so glad I did. I used my Nikon digital camera {nothing fancy} at about 4 o'clock in the afternoon. All of the photographs are unedited and I used natural light.


  1. Beautiful photos! The house is so ornate but that tree is remarkable! You take lovely pictures to really capture the essence of the moment and subject. Well done.