Thursday, February 10

Dixie Dialect

So, I'm a little behind Grey's Anatomy and Taylor Swift, but am seriously loving The Civil Wars. Comprised of John Paul White and Joy Williams, The Civil Wars is basically a guy with a guitar and a girl with a voice. No backup band, very minimalist. Meeting by happenstance at a writing camp, the duo enjoyed their collaboration enough to create The Civil Wars. Their song Poison & Wine was played, in it's entirety, on television show Grey's Anatomy and Taylor Swift included the song as a selection in her official iTunes playlist, saying, "I think this is my favorite duet. It's exquisite."

Personally, their title track off of their upcoming album, Barton Hollow, is what fires me up about singer/songwriters. The first two notes of the guitar with the added vocals and I was hooked. I'm just so in love with raw, pure music and this duo delivers in spades. They have a free album, The Civil Wars Live at Eddie's Attic, available for download and you can check out their other albums and EP's for sale here.

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