Tuesday, February 22

Love the Look

I have always been intrigued by Marie Antoinette. The hair, the fashion, the affinity for cake. One of my very favorite portrayals of the doomed French Queen is Kirsten Dunst in Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette. She is amazing! The crooked little tooth, the attitude, Kiki brings her to life. Here are a few touches to help bring MA to yours. I thought Vera Wang absolutely killed it at 2011 Spring Bridal Fashion Week. Her dresses this season just epitomize french couture, especially this blush number. You think Marie Antionette would wear white to her wedding? Absolument pas! Bring on the pink. I also adore these Christian Louboutins in the same hue. Gorgeous! As a bride, Marie was gifted a blue diamond engagement ring. I like this sapphire and platium moi-et-toi version. It echoes the fleur-de-lis, also found on this cute clutch. Finally, what would Marie Antoinette do without her signature feather and flower and frill fascinator or her french macarons? Why, let them eat cake, of course!

Credits {No.1}: Christian Louboutin; {No.2} Laduree or Sucre; {No.3} Moyna; {No.4}Vera Wang; {No.5} Sapphire & Diamond Ring; {No.6} Linenwood

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