Friday, October 15

Cotton Picked

Happy Friday! We are so, so looking forward to relaxing after this week. Weekend plans include football {of course!} and a trip to the State Fair for some delicious fried food! We're sure that some people go to the Fair for the rides or to see the Racing Pigs or to people watch, but it's the only time of the year where we will eat a Pronto Pup {corn dog}, Fiske Fries and an Elephant Ear {fried dough for all of you healthy folks out there} all in one afternoon! We plan on being in a food coma on Sunday. As delicious {or disgusting} as our weekend sounds to you, we hope y'all have a wonderful weekend planned! To kick things off, here is the  wrap-up of wedded bliss for the week. Enjoy!

Fat, hand-lettered font and an oh-so-chic color combo. Lovely invites!

Charming little bridesmaid bouquet! We adore "just gathered" floral arrangements.

A cotton candy stand!

If we were to have a destination wedding, a vineyard would be at the top of the list.

We were featured! Thanks again to Postcards & Pretties!

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  1. loving the invites!!! (totally jealous of your fair food) :)