Friday, August 13

Cotton Picked

It's Friday the 13th and in honor of this most superstious of days, our Cotton Picked feature is a little more "Dark and Stormy Night" than usual. We're up early packing for a trip to the Windy City and very much looking forward to a little rest and relaxation {and perhaps a Chicago Dog}. Enjoy the rundown of our weekly favorites and Happy Friday!

Good friend and artist, Courtney J. Garrett has some updated work on her site. 
 She's kicking it Grey Gardens style in the Hamptons this week. We are supremely jealous!

Let them eat cake, indeed. A golden wedding confection fit for a queen! via 100 Layer Cake

Such a cozy mantlepiece! And there are pink flamingos! via W. Scott Chester

A fancy reason to purchase another copy of The Great Gatsby. via Coralie Bickford-Smith

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