Monday, November 16

Say "I do" JCrew

Oh how I love JCrew....let me count the ways. How about this gorgeous "Caroline" gown? I love the deconstructed edges and the neckline that acts as a necklace. I would pair the chunky pearl "Luxe Cocktail" bracelet for a little flair without being too funky and top the look off with the "La Plume" satin peep-toe shoe in "Spicy Olive". I just might have to buy a pair for myself! I also just adore the twist bow front on this "Bow Monde" party dress and think it shines, especially in black. Paired with the "Majesty Stone" bracelet in "Black Diamond", your bridesmaids will be sitting pretty...stylish. The bouquet featured is from etsy (artist: ardesign). I am really into feathered bouquets right now and just love the touch of green from the cymbidium orchids. Find it all at and

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