Wednesday, January 20

'Shine on...

high cotton is so excited to be participating in a wedding event at swoozie's tonight. we wanted to make something a little different and fun (and southern, of course) for the participating brides and stumbled across this little gem of a recipe:

moonshine jelly:
3 cups of white wine
5 1/4 cups sugar
1 package of pectin {sure-jell, etc.}
1/2 tsp margarine {to reduce foaming}

Put ingredients in big pot. Bring to a full rolling boil and stir until the liquid {i love this} "clabbers off" a spoon. Clabbering is when you let the mixture fall off the long edge of a tablespoon. It should sheet off in waves instead of just dripping- that's clabbering. Skim off any foam from the pot. If you leave the foam in there its going to look nasty. So don't skimp on the skimming.

Pour into half pint jars and set on the counter or process in a water bath {boil water in a pot and put the jars in for approximately 5-10 minutes}.

Let me say a word about the white wine...if you wouldn't drink it, don't cook with it. You'll have a little wine left, so why don't you pour yourself a glass. Enjoy!

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