Sunday, June 5

Hey there, Friend!

I haven't blogged in a while. Okay, a long, long time. I apologize for the absence, but I've been busy making things happen. Like, BIG things. I'm in the middle of a rebrand, I'm adding arms and ideas to my business and I just completed my first photoshoot for a publication {one that people pay actual money for in actual stores}. I've spent a lot of time worried about the last two years. The direction I've taken and the decisions I've made have more often than not been the "road less travelled" and sort of unconventional, but I've learned that without each and every one of those steps, today and all of the days after it would not be possible. I'm so excited to be able to share these projects of which I've been working so hard. Stay tuned friends!


  1. Look forward to keeping up with what you're doing...are you sharing more info yet on your photoshoot??? :)