Wednesday, November 10

Santo & Dewi's Sweet Proposal Story

I have to admit, I shed a few tears during this sweet proposal video. Santo and Dewi are so precious together and you can just feel the love between the two of them along with their family and friends. Here is their proposal story and from Style Me Pretty, read Dewi's explanation of the video below.

Santo & Dewi Prewedding Film (Say Yes) from Paper Cranes Productions on Vimeo.

This would be one of our greatest achievements… making our own pre-wedding film. The story is based on our true relationship journey. Starting at how we met, how we normally spend time together, until one day he popped the BIG question. The main concept of this film is the re-enactment of how Santo proposed to me using a lot of point of view shots from his eyes.
As for the proposal, he had been secretly planning this project for 3 months without me knowing any of the plans. Since he loves film-making so much, he expressed the “will you marry me?” using this medium. He asked all our close friends and family across the globe to make a short message clip directed to me with the topic “Why Dewi (myself) should say YES to Jack (this is his nickname) on her birthday?

He popped the question to me on my 24th Birthday with this proposal video by showing it on a new MacBook (Yes, he also gave me this laptop as a present for my birthday). I was already so surprised when he gave me the MacBook, and then suddenly there is another surprise which I didn’t expect at all….he opened the MacBook and a log-in screen appeared. However, instead of the usual log-in screen, he had changed it to say, “Will You Marry Me?”

There were 3 different options (log in) – “Yes”, “No”, or “Call A Friend”. I was quite numb by this time. He said, “Since you are now still confused, I would say just choose “Call A Friend.” Once I clicked that … the picture of him holding a note saying “Please Click Here” appeared on the screen. Then, an arrow led me to click the proposal video. My heart was beating sooo fast…I couldn’t hold my tears throughout watching the 20 min proposal video with all the special messages from more than 20 friends and family members across the globe.

He had also secretly prepared this little handy-cam next to the MacBook just before I watched the video! I am so blessed to have him. I wouldn’t ask for a better proposal than this. This video meant so much to us. I’ve been watching this film over and over, but I still get goosebumps and cry when I watch it!

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