Friday, October 29

Cotton Picked

Please excuse our absence from the blog world this week. We've been super busy updating our website! Now complete, we can get back to the fun of Halloween week! Our very favorite Halloween treat, It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, aired last night and we must say, seeing Linus' excitement for the imminent arrival of the Great Pumpkin takes us back to our childhood wonderment of the holiday. Candy, candy, candy galore! Once we have children of our own, we plan to take them to the pumpkin patch, pick out the biggest pumpkin we can find, bring it home and proclaim it the Great Pumpkin. On All Hallows Eve, we will perform a little bit of Hocus Pocus and with a little extra magic {glitter} the Great Pumpkin will rise up at the witching hour to bring candy to the most sincere little boys and girls. How fun does that sound? We may need to implement this plan prior to having children...this is too much fun! In case you missed Charlie Brown and crew, here's a little clip Cotton Picked for your enjoyment! Happy Haunting!

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Glittering Pumpkins!
This and this should get you into a spooktacular spirit! Happy Halloween!
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