Wednesday, September 1

Forever to Thee

Today is Wednesday and I can not focus on anything other than tomorrow. Why? Because it's Thursday...the Thursday that kicks off football season to be exact. Unfortunately, I will not be at Williams-Brice tomorrow, but rather in Midtown Atlanta at Carolyn's {the Gamecock bar in town}. Of course P will be with me and, as an Auburn grad, I've had to give him a lesson on what, for me, being a Gamecock is all about: It's holding the "E" in the Gamecock Cheer, it's hearing the opening strains of 2001, it's "another Carolina first down!", it's Black Magic and a Fire Ant defense, it's "The Visor", it's Fighting Cock Whisky, it's selling out Williams-Brice at 0-21, it's the Wild Cock formation, it's 34-17 {as well as 5-1 & 4-3, thank you, baseball}. Most importantly, it's gathering together with 80,250 of your closest friends and the belief that this is going to be the year! Here's a Health, Carolina...Forever to Thee!

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