Friday, July 30


I don't know why, but I am obsessed with penmanship. Harken back to the days of elementary school when we would pull our largely lined notebook paper and dutifully practice our handwriting and cursive, trying to make it as neat and straight as the teacher's. Then later, doodling our names mixed with the last names of boys we "liked" trying to get that "Mrs. So and So" signature just right until we were actually married and had a new last name and signature to perfect. Placing that much importance on penmanship, it would be natural for us to just adore the handwritten element that these calligraphers and stationers bring to the paper. It's a goal of ours this year to master a distinctive handwriting. School is almost in session so it's time once more to break out the notebook and pen.

credits {clockwise}: the amazing and distinctive handwriting of kathryn murray, cute sketches and scratch from may+bell, love the artistic elements and penmanship, both from rifle paper co.

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